Friday, January 18, 2013

The Elements

Rain, rain, and more rain was on the forecast for early this week. Creeks were raging, puddles growing, and raincoats and boots were well-worn after nearly four, full days of the relentless patter of the elements.

Yesterday morning proved to be nothing but the same, but the weathermen were right and declared that Thursday afternoon would bring us four to eight inches of snow!

It's absolutely beautiful around here. The best snow storm we've had since moving here three years ago.  I know that many places get this much and it is completely normal and even a burden, but here we're grateful for it. A reason to curl up with a good book, drink more tea, and look at the beauty of nature covered in a white blanket.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we know that it won't last long. This weekend is supposed to move up into the forty degree range and much of it will melt. We'll make the most of it and enjoy it while we can.

This is not from the recent snow storm,
but it's appropriate because Willem's meeting
us for lunch today! We're excited to see him.
The picture was taken at the Cascades on 
New Year's Eve, 2010.

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