Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy birthday (one day late) to Phoebe!!!

My sister was on my mind all day yesterday as she celebrated her twenty-first birthday.

The little sister who I could NOT wait to see and hold on January 24, 1992. I remember watching out the window of a babysitter's house and waiting to go home and see my baby sister. She was born two weeks early.

My sister who was content to sit and wait for family members to move her from room to room. The baby who did not crawl, but scooted across the floor in a very odd position. One leg would be bent in front of her while the other would be bent behind her and that would be how she'd inch her way around the house. Often she'd fall asleep with her head bent down on the front leg. It's amazing how flexible babies can be.

The sweet girl who charmed every heart she met. Even the kindergartener who asked her to marry him, was refused, and then threw a chair at her. She was always wise beyond her years, too. The hearts of others don't get past her very easily. But she really does know how to befriend everyone, at any age and from any background.

The first time Jim met her we went on a canoeing trip and
dropped her off in this tree! January 2007
It's quite remarkable that she survived her first swim. While learning how to swim, my parents bought her a floaty that goes around your chest and back. Gradually, you are to remove slender flotation pads from the vest and eventually the child can swim on their own. Well, Phoebe went through the motions and one day, in a hotel swimming pool, she realized she was swimming. Her eyes got huge, her laugh followed suit, and she almost went under, drinking so much water with each giggle. A fond memory for the rest of us.

There are so many stories to tell, but I'll stop there (she breathes a sigh of relief!).  So, here's the skinny... she's hilarious, intelligent, and talented. She loves to play ultimate frisbee, read, learn languages, to travel and she's a phenomenal writer. She's been an au pair in France, worked at a winery and a fitness program for children, and studied abroad in Senegal. She rocks.

We have our moments, as all siblings do, but I am grateful to share this life and so many memories with her. A wonderful friend that I can call my sister.

Senegal,  2012
I'm looking forward to the next time we can sing away in the car...

Here's to a great twenty-first year of life, Pheebs!

We love you.


  1. Käthe, you are such a sweet sister, wife, daughter and friend! I love seeing you express your caring thoughts and wishes through your blog. Hope all is well and that you're staying warm in Blacksburg!

  2. I can't believe she's 21! I've been wondering how her reverse culture shock is going. Happy belated Phreebs! Love you!

  3. Kathe, you captured if a few words and pictures the essence of your wonderful sister!
    So--what's new with you?
    Love, Dad