Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big, BIG Day!

In a hospital room in the Cleveland Clinic, my uncle received a bone marrow transplant today! He's fought the hard fight against leukemia for six months and spent months before that visiting doctors to find out what was wrong.

It's been a long, rocky, roller coaster of a ride and today many prayers are answered. The fight't not over yet, but we are one step closer to a cure. His brother was a perfect match.

My uncle John is a talented man. He's an airplane mechanic, avid woodworker, bass in choirs, organizer of community projects such as adding handicapped ramps to people's houses who are in need, and he's a comedian. Okay, well he's not officially a comedian, but ask anyone who's spent a few minutes around him and they'll tell you that he is one quick-witted and hilarious guy.

The roads not over yet, but we are so grateful and excited that this day has come! Here are some pictures for him and for you to enjoy :)

Classic relaxed pose, when he's not sleeping on a bench somewhere :)


He LOVES his grandkids
Imagine the stories they get to hear!
She must be pinching herself to make sure it's real.

Oh gosh, Junko!
We all love you SO much Uncle John! Many prayers and thoughts for you today and always.


  1. Love this Kathe. As you were growing up...he'd always tease you by calling himself "your favorite uncle" and then pretend to be so amazed when you called him "Uncle Owen"! A private joke he loved to do with you.

    1. Yes, this definitely needed to be added! Thank you, Aunt Beth! I love that joke, too :)

  2. This is fabulous! Thanks for taking the time to scan pics. You are right ON with the "classic relaxed pose". Now, what is up with me never smiling as a child AND with my child never wearing pants?

    1. Thanks to Dad for scanning those pics! He sent them to me last year. You and Heidi have that similar face during pictures and I'd go around without pants if it was still appropriate. Enjoy it while you can, Hazel!