Monday, May 14, 2012

Lessons & Shock

2012 hasn't proved to be an easy year so far.

My injury coupled with my grandpa's cancer is just a bit too much...

There are a few things I've been learning and continuing to learn in the five months of this year so far:

  • There's no substitute for a great conversation.
  • It's okay to cry.
  • There IS time to just drop everything and go.
  • Work and school can be the greatest therapy and include the most detrimental stresses.
  • There is a season for everything.
  • Everything that needs to get done WILL get done (it just may happen according to a different timeline)
  • People/students need you to be consistent.
  • Lyrics that never had any meaning can speak directly to my heart.
  • It's so important to have good friendships and support networks.
  • Stick to your guns and cover your bases.
  • Go straight to the source.
  • Having your own vehicle is a glorious luxury!
  • There IS time in each day, you just have to prioritize.
  • People will surprise you.
  • Sometimes storms just need to blow over.
  • Make the most of the time you have.
  • Campfires have a way of bringing out conversations you never realized you'd have.
  • Money is money.
  • Periods of turmoil can lead to new skills and abilities.
  • It's okay to ask for help.
  • Time for yourself is only healthy.
  • Sometimes just being there is all you need to do.
  • You don't have to wait until summer to relax.
  • Stay in touch with the people you can't live without.
  • Pray. When it seems there's nothing you can do,  remember to pray.
Okay, maybe I didn't have a "few" things. I have a lot of things and I'm sure that many of the lessons haven't been included in this list because I honestly haven't realized I've learned them yet! Some of this may seem quite cliche and obvious, but I've learned these lessons again and again. Right now they seem to be so much more fresh. 

Unfortunately, I am a very stubborn person and so many of these keep beating at my door throughout the days, weeks, months, and years. Some are like old friends who I greet and allow in the door, but I only entertain them for a short while. It's like I'm willing them to return again in just a few short hours because I am too thick-headed to willfully allow them to touch me deep inside. 

I've found that any sweet song brings me to tears and any encouraging song gives me the energy to move forward. Music is one of the few mediums that can cut straight through me and into my core, no matter how driven I am that day.

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit my grandpa in the hospital a few times, stay with my grandma, and have long conversations with my dad in the car to and from Pennsylvania. I am so thankful to my principal for being understanding and allowing me to take Friday off even though my SOL (state test) is on Wednesday. 

The days and evenings filled with conversations with Grandma were hopefully as great for her as they were for me. We needed each other. The time spent in the hospital with Grandpa talking, sharing pictures, and just being was more than wonderful. 

I will never forget two things he said while we were there:

1) "Tell Jim I love him and that he will do just fine on his test." Grandma was so shocked that he said "love" because he seldom speaks of love to other members of the family other than her. He shows his love in other ways. The test he spoke of was Jim's board exam that he'll take on July 7th.

2) "You're a SUPER-looking chick and I love you!" This was spoken right before we left the hospital. I answered "And you're a very handsome man" but he laughed and smiled and said," You must be joking. Now you're just kidding with me!" How fantastic it was to see his humor return and his spirits so high! He is one sharp cookie.

I cannot wait to get back up there again soon. But I know that the lessons I've been learning assisted me in getting there last weekend. One thing's for sure, those lessons will only continue to strengthen and knock on my door. It's easier to let them in sooner rather than later.


  1. THese are great reminders! Isn't it true that we ignore these lessons ALL THE TIME? Especially the lsat one :) I had to re-read Grandpa's quotes thinking "no way he said that"! Very very cool! I KNOW that your visit was exactly what Grandma needed! Thank you for being you!

  2. Ditto to what Julie said, Käthe. You have a such a gift of writing. The way that you thought of these lessons that we all are learning every day of every year of our amazing. (I'm sorry to tell you that some of these never get "learned"...or maybe I am the thickest of the thickest) I've never heard Grandpa talk about Love like that. You must've really struck a chord with him. How wonderful. Now, you take care of YOU for the next few weeks...and soon you'll have all summer to relax and heal further. Love you

  3. Okay, keep writing your wonderful blogs, but don't even TRY to top this one. So grateful to have you as a companion on our trip to PA this past weekend.
    Love, Dad

  4. You are an inspiration. Thank You!