Sunday, May 20, 2012

Belated 26th Birthday

 Yes, it is that time of the year again! Jim's birthday was on Thursday, May 17th. Some of you may remember the tradition we started last year. You know, the one where Jim makes up some dessert he's sure doesn't exist? The reason behind this being that he doesn't really want anything for his birthday, so why not make it as difficult for me as he can, right? Fair enough!

Well, last year it was a banana carrot cake and he was surprised when I actually found a recipe and made it. This year he decided on a mint chocolate chip cheesecake! I had never made a cheesecake and so I was a bit apprehensive. AND I cannot believe the ingredients needed to make such a rich, delicious thing! Almost very kind of cream was included in the ingredients: cream cheese (not 1, not 2, but 3 packages!), heavy cream, and sour cream. He was a bit shocked when I was collecting the ingredients at the grocery store!

Anyway, it turned out to be great! We had some friends over for the afternoon and they enjoyed it with us. He had decided earlier in the week that he would rather have his birthday dessert on Sunday.

 I am sorry to say that I didn't take any pictures of the birthday boy with his treat. Suffice it to say that it was a hit and he's already brainstorming another "impossible" dessert for me to make for next year.

I enjoy these challenges because I've learned how to make icing from scratch, crust from scratch, and cakes I wouldn't have come up with on my own! Keep 'em coming, babe!

He's almost done with his second year of medical school! This also means that he will be DONE with the classroom portion of his studies. He is more than ready to get out of the classroom and into some practical situations. Before beginning his rotations, he takes the boards (aka Step One) on July 7th this summer. This is a nine hour test, all multiple choice, and all on one day. This tests holds the highest yield content questions of any of the medical boards. This is the first of four tests and, so we've heard, the most painful of all.

Needless to say, Jim will be, and has been for at least five months, occupied with long and intensive study sessions during the next month. He's also been taking a board review class for four and a half hours every Tuesday and Thursday for the past month. The life of a medical student...

I am so proud of his work and diligence so far. Happy 26th birthday, Hon!

Camping in Kachemak Bay, Alaska. Summer 2011


  1. Yum! That sounds delish! Happy Birthday, Jim!

  2. Happy belated Jim! For the record, I don't believe that the cheesecake was any good... you need to PROVE IT :)