Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl 45- Go Steelers!

This will be short, as I am not a big football fan. But, let it be known that I did try to watch the game between the Steelers and the Packers!

First, I have had trouble finding a website that would stream the game live and for FREE! No, I do not want to purchase, as a one-time fee, the opportunity to have a channel for the whole year for the small price of $49.95!!!

Second, soon after trying to find a website and making dinner at the same time, Jim came home from buying supplies and in rearranging our upstairs, he unplugged the router and the modem. Meaning that we had to each spend time on the phone AGAIN with Belkin. This time I was not my nice, composed self. I let the poor girl have it.

Third, why is the Superbowl on a Sunday night, anyway!?!? Most of the country has to go to work or school the next day! I have never understood this and therefore have had trouble actually being part of it!

Nothing will top the Superbowl where we were able to watch the Saints win with die-hard fans and then travel to New Orleans the following week to shout "Who Dat?" with the best of them during Mardi Gras. That will forever be imprinted on me as a great game and moment in Louisiana.

For my family from Pittsburgh- GO STEELERS! Wish I could be watching the game with my Grandpa (90) and Grandma (85), aunt and uncle, cousin and family, and my dad, who drove all of the way up there to watch with his parents. It would be quite the ruckus!

From Blacksburg I will just have to imagine the screams and grunts, as I know each and every one that my dad can make. Countless nights of enthusiastic cheers echoing from the basement and into my bedroom have interestingly enough made me nostalgic for them tonight. Perhaps I shouldn't admit this to my dad. How many nights did I shout down the stairs that I was trying to sleep or had a test the next day? Yes, somehow I do miss it tonight.

Especially with his team playing.

Love you, Dad!


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