Monday, February 21, 2011

Catch-up and Willem as Ajax

It's been a long while, I see! Where to begin?

2 weekends ago:
- We learned that Leif is a good biking partner. No, he does not ride the bike. He's amazing, but not THAT amazing. He likes to run next to the bike and, with the help of our gentle leader, does not make it a dangerous venture.
- I hiked to the Keffer Tree on the AT with Alia. It was a good time and now I know how to get to part of the AT around here :)

Last week:
- Two high schoolers from our area of MCPS were killed by a train while they were crossing the trestle near Elliston. Incredibly sad and hard week for some of our students and faculty.
- I had my second observation of three. It went well! I started our poetry unit. We finished folk tales last week and it was a BLAST to do our museum of Cinderella stories.

Last weekend:
- Friday we hopped in the car and drove to Richmond to meet friends at Capital Ale House. It was a good time and so nice to catch up with many old friends! I think the final count was 18! We need to have more reunions. But, I think there will be plenty of weddings this summer to take care of that.
- Saturday we spent the morning and afternoon studying and working in a building on U of R's campus with Phoebe. We then hopped in the car and headed to Newport News to meet my parents for dinner before Willem's show.

Now for what I want to talk about... haha.

Willem performed in Ajax, which was a unique experience and project. A professor at his school took the original Greek text and wrote a literal translation. It was then up to the cast to write their own lines and adapt the play to be set in modern-day Afghanistan. It was a remarkable collaboration.

Willem performed as Ajax and he had a stellar performance. From singing, to his amazing stage presence, to acting the part of a military leader, to being a loving man, to killing many and himself- he played the part SO well! I think I was most impressed with the singing. His voice sounded so natural, so mature, and so, well, brilliant. I have never heard him sing with such remarkable composure and skill. It was wonderful.

Though parts of the show were hard, it was wonderful to catch up with him after the show and see that he could leave the part and the stage. I will not go into any depth, but I will say that it was comforting. He seems so happy and so surrounded by friends and support. It did my heart a lot of good. I love him so.

Here are a few pictures of him for your enjoyment and for my memory :)

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