Thursday, March 23, 2017

Life Extraordinary: Part I

When Jim and I were just starting to get to know each other, we learned about the band Carbon Leaf. We went to their concert on New Year's Eve in Richmond, Virginia, just a couple weeks after we became girlfriend and boyfriend. A few of those songs can still transport me to that night and those early feelings. I love that music has the power to bring those memories back so vividly and make them fresh in your mind again.

Today, while making pancakes, Jim asked Alexa (our radio) to play Carbon Leaf. A smile spread across my face in the other room. Soon familiar songs were basking me with memories. And then there was one that has always stuck with me... and a few of the lines apply so well to our current season.

Live a life less ordinary.
Live a life extraordinary with me.

I haven't written about it on here, but we've been having loads of conversations about our future for the last few months. Jim finishes residency in June and will step into his first job outside of training. It's been a long, long journey and we are so grateful to be at the end of it. We've been thinking about this next step for so long and dreaming, and then over the summer we started looking into jobs available and more seriously into potential locations.

This fall was full of applying for jobs, interviewing, realty tours, dreaming and reality-checking. After much deliberation, we narrowed our options down to two places. 

One was here, where we currently live and in the community and place we know & love. The place that's raised our babies and been our village as we made the transition into parenthood. The place that has seen us through ups and downs, and been "home."

The second option was in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A place with the mountains and the sea, and Boston just an hour away. A place full of the charm of New England, with loads of outdoor recreation potential in both winter and summer.
In early January we traveled up for the interview and on the plane ride up I remember turning to Jim and saying, "Let's really try to keep our minds open." We had both pretty much decided that we would be staying here and we were very content with that choice. Fast forward two days and we were driving home from the airport. Both of us a bit shocked, we both felt the pull to move to New Hampshire.
It took us close to two months of deliberating, researching, reaching out to folks & family, searching our hearts, and taking a second trip up to the Portsmouth area, before making our final decision. The weight of the decision was a lot to navigate, but when all is said and done, we both feel like we made the best decision for us.

And.... drumroll please...

We are moving to New Hampshire!!!!

We are very excited for the next adventure and to make a home for ourselves in such a unique location. In truth, we have always been interested in moving out west or to New England. In some ways it feels like we are remaining true to ourselves by taking this step and that feels right & good.

Our families have been wonderfully supportive of the decision and, for this, we are so grateful.

Absolutely the most painful thing is leaving our close friends here. Some of these friends have weathered both the most painful moments of my life and the most joyful. Friends like that aren't made overnight, but they will hopefully last a lifetime. As I thought about moving away, it was hard for me to shake picking berries with the same friend for thirty year or more. Or moving our kids away from the only friends they've ever known, friends who entered this world around the same time. Potlucks that will happen without us and these friendships that feel so comfortable won't be just up the road.

The biggest stressor for us was to find a place to live from so far away (See Part II).

We hope that our guest room will be a comfortable place for family and friends from all season of our lives to come and stay, and visit the beautiful area up there. We are excited to embark on this next step and promise to update you here.


  1. I am so excited for you guys! We've been talking about going to that area for a vacation for YEARS (Jake has 2 cousins near Boston). Once you land, be on the look out for a green van towing an A-frame camper!!!

  2. Thanks, Julie! Wonderful! Our new place will have a great spot for your camper :)