Thursday, January 21, 2016


As promised in our Christmas card, we adopted bunnies. Some people may be dismayed at the fact that these bunnies aren't for "pets." We've adopted two breeding mamas and a large papa. When we brought them home from our friends' home, there was a litter born quite a few weeks before.

One of the bunnies, in particular, was quite sweet and lovable and so we brought it out for Ian to meet. I'll never forget his glee when we pulled up in the driveway and he saw bunnies in the hutch for the first time. Oh, the incredulous squeals that commenced!!

 Last week we added a few rabbits to our freezer for the first time. Remember how I told you that Jim's very interested in permaculture? Bunnies' poop is great for compost and gardening. Multiple purposes on a very small scale in our backyard downtown.
Like father, like son.

A new endeavor that won't probably get much documentation here, 
but needed some acknowledgement. This is, after all, our family journal.

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