Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pinery Images

The pictures I couldn't retrieve before are now safely downloaded onto my computer! Yay! Now that it is officially Fall, here are a few pictures leftover from summer :)
 Papa had arrived around 4 or 5 AM and Ian wasn't expecting to see him emerge from the tent in the front yard. A happy reunion...

Ian's naptime location.

 James, once again, defeated all of us multiple times in croquet. BUT, I did win two times. Woot!

 Here's one of my favorite recent pictures of Grandma. She always loves to laugh and smile.
 Aunt Charlotte & Dad observing the earth oven.

 Aunt Beth and Ian :)

 Dad in one of his elements...
 My main squeeeeze.
 Mom & Ian, exploring and playing in the shallows.

 Thanks for all of the baths, Äma!!
 The whole gang...
James, Willem, Phoebe, Dad, Mom, Jim, Aunt Beth, Me, Ian, Grandma, Aunt Charlotte

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