Friday, December 27, 2013

14 weeks/Christmas in Paris

Christmas day marked fourteen weeks for Ian! We spent the early part of this week with my parents on Paris Mountain. Ian's had many great cuddles and play partners throughout the days.

Even though he is very young, Christmas really is different when you have a child. I've enjoyed just watching him and opening his gifts (for him) and seeing him interact with my family members. He has been the biggest and most wonderful gift of all. I love the joy of this season and he brings even more of it into the lives of each member of the family.

Every new stage is full of excitement, I tell you what. He is getting to be so interactive these days, which is very fun! He laughs, smiles, and giggles while playing or seeing people's faces. So full of joy, that boy.

In the picture on the right, he is with my mom who discovered that he greatly prefers the side of the block with the cow. It's pretty neat that he's already showing preferences for small things like that! She'd shake the block, with a bell inside, and show him all of the sides. When she'd turn it to the side with the cow, then he'd get the most excited!

He also liked it when she swooped him around! (Left) I also love this picture of Mom and Phoebe playing with him. Check out that WIDE mouth! That's his happy, ecstatic face.

I would have WAY too many pictures in this post (Ha! I already have too many, eh?) if I showed all of his new tricks, so I'll just tell you about this one. We lay him down on the floor and then slowly pull him up to sitting by holding his arms. After he's sat for a bit, then we slowly lower his back down to the ground again. Within this one week he's gone from weak and wobbly to strong and steady, crunching the entire way up and down now. It's so fun! He can multi-task by doing that while also sucking on his fingers or hand.

Christmas morning Ian woke up early (surprise, surprise!) and so we went and woke up all of the other sleeping people in the house. Äma & Grumps were up, but Papa, Uncle Willem, & Aunt Phoebe needed a little prodding. No bah humbugs this Christmas... they all smiled and laughed as they were greeted by this little elf (Thank you, Iris, for the wonderful outfit!!!).

Here Ian is with his Grumps before everyone else joined us around the tree.

 It wasn't long before the stockings were emptied and some of the presents were opened that this little boy fell fast asleep again. It's exhausting being the center of attention, don't ya know. Check out the little reindeer bum! Haha!

Apparently both of our boys don't mind being the center of attention!

It was a wonderful morning of gift-giving. Ian was certainly blessed with many great gifts and immediately hopped into one of them as soon as he woke back up!

I can see a lot of jumping in our future! Right now he turns around and around, looking and smiling at whoever passes him by.
He's still fascinated by his hands. He has more coordination, as far as actually sticking some of the fingers in his mouth. Normally he has his left thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger all shoved into his mouth. He refuses all pacifiers, preferring only his hands.

I've also started to keep a lovey around during times when he needs to be consoled, nursed, or to go to sleep. Perhaps he'll start associating it with comfort in the future, though I know that's a ways off.

Uncle Willem!
One day last week we went to a get-together of med school friends, spouses, and their babies. It was there that we watched Ian crane his neck and body, turning onto his side to watch the other babies lying on the same blanket. Since then he's started doing the same thing when lying on a blanket, but he hasn't fully rolled over all of the way, yet. He rolled by accident in the early weeks, but hasn't done so on purpose. His bum has also started raising into the air a few times.

As per Christmas tradition, we did our annual hike up to the Paris View. Here are a few pictures from our time up atop the mountain.

Sisters, sisters....

My "artistic" shot. Little did I know it would include ALL of the members of the hike. Look closely :) 

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year!!!
Here's hopin' our paths cross often during the year 2014.

Käthe, Jim, Ian, & Leif

Happy 14 Weeks, Ian Forrester!!!!

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