Monday, November 25, 2013

Never have I ever... (2 months/9 weeks)

... lived a faster set of two months. Not even when I was a teacher and the summers would fly by. Not even when I was working my dream job in Wyoming, leading students through the beautiful Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. The job of being a mother is certainly the best one yet and that must be why it's flown so quickly. Unlike any of my other jobs, this one is 24/7 with no breaks for the entire two months and none coming in the future. That's enough to make any time fly by, no matter how hard, exhausting, full, dynamic, and exciting. And it's been all of those.

Ian has certainly proven himself as a good traveler so far. Not only did we take him all of the way to NW Pennsylvania from Southern Virginia, but we traveled to Columbus, Ohio for a residency interview, and then back to NW PA and then to each of our family's houses. He's a trooper.

It was definitely bittersweet to bid farewell to our family in NW Pennsylvania. We had gotten into the routine of sharing meals each night, drinking coffee together in the mornings, visiting each abode, and just knowing that the others were nearby. We have always been close. I'm very grateful to have family like them; incredibly warm, thoughtful, and welcoming.
Heidi & Ian

Since we aren't sure if Jim has Thanksgiving off until he starts his new rotation on Monday, we celebrated early with each family. On Sunday we had a big turkey dinner with Jim's parents, Erin & Russ, and Christine. It was Erin's first time meeting Ian and she gave him lots of sweet cuddles.
Then his sisters went home and we enjoyed Monday with his parents, since Kim took the day off. We visited the town of Intercourse (yep, that's the name!) and went to The Old Country store. It's an awesome old store filled with handmade goods, quilts, a quilt museum, books, and LOADS of beautiful fabric (Marianne, you'd be in heaven!). Afterward we enjoyed a picnic at "The Ladybug Park" a park name coined by Jim when he was a young boy. This park was a walk away from his childhood home in Lancaster, PA. These trees were named "Jim's woods." The trees have gotten much bigger, and so has the boy, since the name was bestowed on them. Ian slept through this whole walk down memory lane, but he was present!
Grandpa & Ian
Ian and Gramee. If only we could know what he's thinking!
Walk at Ladybug Park
Jim's Woods. Still a boy at heart :)
Next we moved on to my parents' home for Thanksgiving! We got to visit with my parents and Willem, which was really nice. Phoebe was still at school, unfortunately. Mom took the day off on Wednesday to be with us and prepare a delicious feast, but mostly to cuddle Ian. Who can fault these grandmas for taking time off to be with this little one?!
We took a hike up to Paris View with the dogs and Ian immediately fell asleep in the Boba. It was a beautiful day for a walk and the wind, which can be quite horrible on this open walk, was mild and enjoyable.
There's a sleeping baby hidden in this picture.
Then I attempted to help Mom in the kitchen, but promptly cut off the tip of my finger and was benched. Good ploy to get out of the kitchen, eh? We enjoyed a delicious meal when Dad got home from SCORE. Thank you for celebrating early with us!
Haha! I love this.
Ian & Grumps

Uncle Willem held him and played with him multiple times. He was so impressed with his leg strength and all-around strength. He joked that Ian will be able to bust down doors with one fist when he's older. A funny image to ponder.

On November 18th, Ian's second month birthday, he giggled for the first time! We were in the car and I was smiling at him and talking to him... I must be a hilarious person. His smiles are still hard for me to catch on camera because he immediately starts studying the camera when I put it to my face. But looking directly into my eyes often elicits a smile. I'll savor that! He made many a family member happy with showing them a big gummy smile during our visits. He also likes to rub his gums with his tongue and that brings loads of smiles.

Not only has he discovered his tongue, but he loves to suck on his hand. He has not quite figured out how to get his fingers in his mouth, but he's almost there. I've witnessed his thumb in his mouth once so far.

He's making more cooing sounds these days. Sometimes he'll make the sound back and forth with us for a while, which is really fun! That often brings a smile out of him. The sounds are quite soft and sweet.

Ian has started to fall asleep on his own sometimes. Up until now I have always snuggled and sung him to sleep. But sometimes, when I know he's about to fall asleep, I try putting him down before he's actually out. He's been living in five different homes over the last week and did well, considering! We're also transitioning from co-sleeping to putting him in the bassinet. It pulls at my heart to not have him right next to me in the bed, but he's still very close.

Baby Einstein
Our two month is now growing out of 3 month clothes and into 6 months. WHAT? Sizes really very depending on the company or clothes, but still! It's amazing how fast they grow.

He enjoys having his hair washed and looks so cute afterward. Hello Einstein!

Ian is also the baby who never stops moving. Must take after his mother. I was the same way. He kicks and kicks, flails and flails, pushes up, holds his neck up, you name it... he's moving. We've started placing toys that make noises around him, so that when he kicks or hits them they make a noise, Here's a picture that captures our active two month old and his mooooovement.

Happy two months, Ian!!!

You love: smiling when you hear our voices or see our faces, 
pushing up with your legs, sucking your hand, 
riding face-out in the Boba, sleeping on my chest, being sung to sleep,
& the bouncy seat.

We love you, love you.


2 Month Appointment Details: Ian weighed 15.3 lbs. (94.17%), his head circumference was 16 inches (90.3%), and he was 24.5 inches long (96.77%)!!! Wow! 

The nurse asked me if I wanted her to do the shots on her own, or for me to hold the legs, which would take a shorter amount of time. I held the legs, which was horrible, and Ian immediately began screaming as soon as she stuck him with the first shot. Horrible, I say. He cried for a good few minutes until I nursed him and he calmed down. But he had a fever through the night, which we monitored and gave him Tylenol for. Poor guy.

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