Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend was full of gardening, walking & playing at our favorite local park, and celebrating being together and my "first" mother's day. On Friday we went to Floyd for the Floyd Jamboree and had a blast listening to music in the streets, when the rain let up, and then inside, when the downpour drove us back in. Sorry, no pictures of that event. You'll have to come visit for the true experience!

Jim enjoyed time with Leif in the yard and planting, during his study breaks. This picture shows another side of our view.
Let's talk a little about this trickster. He has adapted well to living in a place where people come and go often, and where we are not very secluded. He has also learned a bit about living with mammals much larger than himself and, fortunately, no horses have actually landed a kick on his head yet. He now knows his boundary lies with the fence, but somehow forgets about said boundary when his owners are not looking directly at him. No longer does he have the covered front porch to relax within during the day, so he spends his days inside. BUT, he knows how to open the front door and will carefully stand on his hind legs, press down on the handle, and pull back, all while stepping backward with his hind legs. Needless to say, the door remains locked most of the time. He has escaped a few times, unbeknownst to us. Too smart for his own good, but we still love him.
Sunday I went to prenatal yoga and then hit the post office, since we now have a PO box, and there was a package from Aunt Sherri (Jim's aunt from Colorado) for me on my first mother's day! How incredibly thoughtful! In the card she said it was a generational gift, since the books and outfit were from her and the basket was from Nanny, Jim's grandmother. I've only heard stories of Nanny from Jim and his relatives, but now our baby will have something from his/her great grandmother within their room.
Here's the 21 week picture. 
Growing, growing growing!!!

Jim was sweet and offered to celebrate Mother's Day, so we did by going to one of our favorite restaurants and out to Sweet Frog afterward. YUM!

Happy Mother's Day to my amazing, creative, and talented mama! 
I can't wait to see you in two weeks and then again at our favorite place, The Pinery!

I'm also grateful to have a wonderful mother-in-law who's adopted me as one of her brood.

Both of you are going to be wonderful grandmothers to Baby B!! :)

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