Sunday, December 18, 2011

Listen, listen...

Candle time is over now and reading time has passed,
Little children rest for tomorrow will come at last.
Do not pay attention to the noises of the night,
Hark angels guide you 'til God send the morning light.
(Adult/Parent Chorus)

Get out of bed
We hear it call
With that bright star
Dancing it's light

Get out of bed
We hear it call
Now is the happiest night of all...
(Children Chorus)

Listen, listen...

Listen, listen...

Listen, listen...

These lyrics have been sung by me and by many during the holiday season at school and SCORE concerts. This is one of my dad's many beautiful gifts to communities in our area and they just keep giving as we remember and are comforted by these words and melodies!

Today is my second day of a two week break and while tonight is not Christmas Eve, I am reminding myself to enjoy this beautiful season of gift-giving, love, and joy!

To revert back to a previous post- I am going to be still, and I am also going to listen!

As a reminder more to myself than to anyone... stop and smell the hot cocoa and evergreens, gaze at the poinsettias, and bundle up in that warm sweater because this is a season to savor.

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  1. Beautiful! SCORE just did the WINTER STAR last December, as you know, but you always seem to internalize, process, and use these things to make you a richer person.
    See you soon!
    Love, Dad