Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great Weekend

This weekend was an all-around great weekend! Why? Because we actually took a break, were somewhat productive, and enjoyed good company. It wasn't because the weather was wonderful- it wasn't. The weather was chilly, rainy, and damp, but it was the perfect weather for what we did!

- Bobby arrives in time for a pizza and beer dinner :)
- Floyd Country Store, where we ran into someone I work with and did the two-step a couple times.

- Our Daily Bread to see an old co-worker play gypsy jazz music with his son and enjoy some yummy coffee and pastries. A friend joined us, too.
- The Vintage Cellar for some wine tasting.
- The dreary weather inspires a SWISS FONDUE! Alia comes over for wine, cheese fondue, apples, and beer floats. A night of good food, conversations, and company commenced until 2 AM... whoa.... I haven't seen that time in a while :)

- Good breakfast.
- Bobby gets some OMM action on his back and neck from Jim
- Bobby heads out :(
- Slow afternoon and evening of work and recovery...

Good weekend!

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